Peppers and More, Ionia, MI

Organically grown. Family owned.
Our roots run deep.

Welcome to Thomas’ Natural Roots! We specialize in peppers and tomatoes of all kinds. Our peppers run from sweet to super hots. Most of our tomatoes are Heirlooms or unique styles. We dry and grind most of our peppers and offer a full line of organic ground pepper. We also have an exclusive line of Natural Products created for a variety of things from aches and pains to natural healing. 

About Our Seeds

As purveyors of fine, organic and heirloom seeds we curate varieties selected for their vigor, flavor and adaptability. At Thomas’ Natural Roots, we offer many varieties that are tried and true as well as new and improved varieties. All of our seed is open-pollinated and non-GMO. Although currently many varieties we grow are not certified organic, our methods used, are beyond organic standards. Many of our varieties are heirloom, meaning they are treasures handed down over generations. These varieties are widely adapted to many different growing conditions.


Each variety of pepper & tomatoes are thoughtfully blended to create delicious flavor profiles that can be used in a wide variety of dishes.


At Thomas’ Natural Roots, we focus on flavor just as much as heat. We want to show you how much flavor peppers can have across the heat spectrum.

About Our Farm 

We are a family farm that has been gardening and growing for 15 years. The official business started in 2016 when we decided to start selling our products at local farm markets. We are located in Ionia County, Michigan on 11 acres of great farmland. We currently focus our energy into all organically grown vegetables, dried peppers and herb spices, pepper seeds, and many types of indoor plants. We also can create custom plant and floral arrangements for local area delivery. We take great pride in producing premium quality products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Exceptional Customer Service-The Seed That Starts It All

We started this company because we genuinely loved the products we grow and wanted to share that love with others. Every customer is a friend who we’re excited to share our produce with, and we want that to come through with every interaction. We look forward to sharing the cycle of seed to table with our customers and are always on hand for any questions or concerns that may arise. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us today at (517) 290-3298!