Dragon’s Breath Pepper Seeds


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Materials: organic seeds

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15+ Organically grown pepper seeds, This new pepper has a lot of stories out there claiming to be the new “Hottest Pepper In The World” beating out the Carolina Reaper. The history behind the pepper is as follows: It was developed by accident in a study at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. The study used 7 Pot Infinity peppers and was testing special plant food around 2016. It was then cultivated by Mike Smith of Denbighshire, United Kingdom in 2017. When tested at the university the pepper came in at a 2.48 million scoville. Since it has never been officially confirmed, this has left many hot pepper enthusiasts questioning the actual heat of the pepper. Are they the new hottest pepper? We will leave it up to you to decide. They are a nice looking pepper and claims of them being small aren’t true. They are the size of all of the other Reaper, Scorpion, 7 Pot peppers we grow. You be the judge.