Fish Pepper Seeds


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Materials: organic pepper seeds

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15+ organically grown pepper seeds. These peppers not only are pretty and tasty but have a great back story. Called a fish pepper due to its use as a secret ingredient in white sauces around the Chesapeake Bay area. Harvested in the cream phase this pepper gets blended into the sauce creating a nice spice and flavor. This pepper originated in the Caribbean and moved up the east coast in the late 1870’s where it was used in the oyster and crab houses. The peppers then vanished throughout the country until 1995 when seeds were located in the H. Ralph Weaver collection. He had received them from Horace Pippin a black folk painter that served in WWI. They have since gained popularity again. We love to let them ripen to red then dry them and grind them. Makes a great sweet and spicy seasoning.