Muscle & Joint Rub


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Materials: all natural products

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This all-natural Muscle and Joint Rub is the first product created here at Thomas’s Natural Roots. It is made with herbs organically grown at the farm, our own organically grown Cayenne Pepper, and with local bees’ wax from here in Michigan. It works on all types of aches and pains from Rheumatoid Arthritis to everyday aches. Use as a daily rub for all those sore areas, stiff necks, achy knees, and anywhere else that needs a warming relief. Tammy came up with her own unique mixture of essential oils and herbs for this product. We have had many customers use this in addition to, or as a replacement for, CBD oil-based products. This product gives you immediate relief where the CBD oil product general takes some time to work. Our customers have used this on sore feet, stiff necks, knees, elbows, and for arthritis problems. We know this will make the aches and pains less of an issue so you can get on with the day.