Peppers and More Products

We specialize in peppers and tomatoes of all kinds. Our peppers run from sweet to super hots and most all of our tomatoes are Heirlooms or unique styles. We dry and grind most of our peppers and offer a full line of organic ground pepper. With over 90 varieties of peppers and 40 varieties of tomatoes.

We also have an exclusive line of Natural Products created for a variety of things from aches and pains to natural healing.

Our Products


Our spices are organically grown, and a wonderful addition to any dish!  

Lip Balm

This all-natural lip balm will get those dry lips back into shape quickly. The blend of essential oils and other natural oils will take care of dry cracked skin. We have several customers, from mail delivery people to farmers, using this product and have told us how well it works, especially through the Michigan winters. We know that you will love it too.

Brownie Mix

Our own Spicy Brownie Mix. Based on a Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe we took it a step further to turn it into a brownie mix using our own Thai Dragon Peppers to kick up the flavor. It is a complete dry mix in a quart jar. All that is missing is your oven, butter, vanilla, and eggs. Makes a 9×13 pan of some awesome brownies. Has chocolate up front and a kick on the back side. We know you will love this if you are a pepper lover.

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